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hi again

geez, i haven't used this in so long, I had to have my password reset...


I for one have missed you guys a lot!
we spoke of you during lunch, and wondered whether you were still on LJ. Are you doing ok?
I am still here active and active in Ravensgarden.

Am I ok - getting there. I don't mean to shock you, but I am going to bullet point what I have been through since I moved back home in 2012. I didn't have enough money to build so I bought a stick built wooden "shed" and set it up on my property as a home. My sister and her boyfriend were abusing and drugging daddy - and her boyfriend knocked him down and paralyzed him. When we found out we tried to get him out of there and they started hiding him.We went though VA and law enforcement for help, but he had signed a power of attorney giving my sister complete control. In January of 2013 my mother (not married to my father) helped my sister steal 137 grand from daddy. We found an organization that investigates elder abuse who found him, seven hours before he died. No one told any of us he died, but that organization did. His HS class contacted us because they wanted to honor him, so we did get to go to a service honoring him. I went through a great deal of mental trauma and it resulted in the realization that my mother and my sister have antisocial personality disorder after my mothers brain washing broke. I am healing, but it has not been a pleasant trip. having said all of that, I AM getting ok. My property is becoming the garden of paradise I want it to be, it is peaceful, and calm and mine. I don't have money, I don't have things, But I have a peace and happiness I have never had before.
Wow, you've had quite a full plate. I'm glad you're managing, though - it's true sometimes what they say - the only way out is through.
Exactly. Trial by fire purifies. I am lucky IMO that I realize that. So many who go through what I am going through do not.