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OK, let's really think a minute

I don't care for Rush Limbaugh very much anymore. I never agreed with everything he said, although he makes some excellent points. My problem with him is that his show is all spin and no fun anymore. Before he became a recovering addict, at least he had a sense of humor - but no longer. The only thing worse than his relentless hating (even when he's right) is the way his critics try to hate him back. For pete's sake, how credible are you when you hate worse than he does??

Anyway, my original point of coming here is to say that the haters need to quit calling him fat. Look at him!

He's not fat. Michael Moore is fat.


Rush has lost quite a bit of weight. MM has always been a tubbo too. Fat is the least of a million reasons to hate Rush LOL (and they are both still ugly-*snicker*)
That's why we know when someone throws "big fat..." into the argument, we know to just ignore them, 'cause they're just lazy.
Really anytime people start picking on looks they are reaching...
I just now heard him say he weighs 210 today. That's what I weighed this morning. :(

I'm thinking of going on a stricter diet again.
It's okay-me too.